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Lakeshore Industrial, Inc. is headquartered in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and manufactures of Gas Cylinder Cages, Lifting racks,  Material cages, personnel lifting platforms, Manbaskets / Man Baskets under the trade name Custom Cage®

Are you looking for a safe way to lift your cylinders? Then our Gas Cylinder Cages are what you need. Our cages are designed to meet or exceed all State and Federal OSHA Regulations and are built according to AWS D1.1 Certified Welding procedures, all welds are spatter free and smooth. Whether you are in need of a cylinder cage for non flammable cylinders or for flammable cylinders we have what you are looking for. We can custom build the size you need or choose from any of our standard models. The cages are not only accessible by crane but also by forklift.The ratchet straps inside the cage make securing cylinders very easy and safe.

Our cylinder cages with the firewall comply to the OSHA regulation code 1926.350 (a) (10) which states that the cage must have a five foot firewall with a 30 minute burn through time.The cage comes with Marinite fireboard CS85 which has been tested by our supplier to meet OSHA regulation of a 30 minute burn through time at temperature of 1600 degrees.

Documentation papers of proof of test are available.


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